Do You Know the Importance of Winterizing a Cabin?

Do You Know the Importance of Winterizing a Cabin?

Get your Princeton or St. Cloud, MN cabin through winter

Winters in Minnesota are no joke. If you don't prepare your place in advance, you could be looking at serious plumbing damage; that's why winterizing a cabin is so important. Before you leave for the winter, reach out to the experts at Kabin Kare Inc. in Princeton, MN about winterizing cabin plumbing service.

We specialize in cabin winterization, and our team will take every precaution to protect your cabin through even the most bitter winters.

Get a free estimate on our cabin winterizing services today by calling us at 763-843-9957.

Learn how we can protect your cabin through the winter

We take special care when we tackle winterizing cabin plumbing jobs in Princeton or St. Cloud, MN. Pipes can freeze, crack and burst if you don't have everything properly winterized. That's why we make sure we're winterizing a cabin right.

When we winterize your cabin's plumbing, you can expect us to:

  • Add antifreeze to the plumbing to prevent cracks
  • Clean out pumps and pipes to ensure they don't freeze
  • Turn off all the fixtures to prevent any movement of water

Reach out to Kabin Kare right away to set up cabin winterization services in the Princeton or St. Cloud, MN area.