Say Goodbye to Showers Going Cold on You

Say Goodbye to Showers Going Cold on You

Schedule water heater repair services in Princeton & St. Cloud, MN

Imagine spending all day outside in the cold. The only thing you want when you get home is a warm shower. Now imagine that shower goes cold within the first couple minutes. If this has happened to you, get ahold of the professionals at Kabin Kare Inc. right now. We provide water heater installation and water heater repair services in the Princeton and St. Cloud, MN area.

No matter if your water heater is leaking, the pilot light is going out or you're experiencing electrical issues, we'll resolve your water heater problem quickly. We can work on water heaters of all makes and models, even tankless ones. You can count on us to repair or replace your water heater, as well as maintain it.

Get a free estimate on our water heater services today by calling us at 763-843-9957.

Is your water heater acting up?

If you're having problems with your water heater, Kabin Kare in Princeton, MN will help you determine the most cost-effective course of action. You may need to set up water heater installation or water heater repair services if:

  • You've noticed your water heater is rusted.
  • Your hot water has a strange odor.
  • Your hot water pressure is lower than it should be.
  • Your hot water goes away far too quickly.
  • Your water heater makes clanking sounds when it's running.

Stop putting up with cold showers-reach out to us immediately to set up water heater services.